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Rhonda Joseph (right) had to take over the distribution of the meals and buffets
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To fully appreciate Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new strategy to help struggling schools, it helps to remember former Mayor Bloomberg’s approach. Bloomberg put struggling schools on a fast track to failure and closing. In contrast, Mayor de Blasio is investing $150 million in 94 struggling schools and providing the help they have long cried out for.


UFT proposes to end tax break for rich absentee landowners to fund class-size reduction

UFT President Michael Mulgrew on Dec. 9 proposed that Albany close the tax loophole that allows wealthy New York City owners of coops and condos not to pay their fair share of real estate taxes. The revenue gained, he said, should be earmarked for reducing class size to 15 in the early grades, starting with the 100 neediest schools.

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